Athlete Artist Carling Jackson

Carling Jackson

A native of Vancouver, Canada this humanitarian and professional athlete portrait artist whose primary aim as a contemporary artist is to “paint the change I wish to see in the world.” Her athletic background revolves around soccer or futbol; the sport she committed 20 years of her life to.

Changing game plans

When Jackson was 15 she was diagnosed with ‘leaky gut syndrome’ and idiopathic anaphylaxis (severe allergies) – told she was going to die she turned to the game she loved most and used this as an outlet and motivation to fight and live. She received a full scholarship to the University of Louisiana at Lafayette later transferring to Southern University A&M graduating with a BA in history with a specialization in black history. Chronic injuries plagued the rest of her career, ending in an early retirement. Jackson then began to work within the scope of her second passion – the arts.

Soccer ball on a field seen through a goal net
Painting of a child's face created by combining 8 sources.

More than an Artist

A self-taught artist, she has since used her artwork as a medium to raise awareness and fight injustice around the world initially inspired by her work with the NAACP in Louisiana to fight racial injustice and systemic oppression. She has done artistic works with and for different oppressed and minority populations from Syrian Refugees in Canada to street children in Brazil. She has worked with Save the Children, Street World Futbol, Embracing Our differences – Florida, the Street Child World Cup, Shakti Caravan India and the United Nations.

Uniting passions

Returning to her athletic roots within her work she is now a full-time athlete artist for athletes in the NBA, MLS, MLB, WNBA, European Premiership Leagues and NFL. Jackson refers to her art as “humanity art” her goal is to make you feel what words can’t describe by bringing to life emotion, passion, love, pain, and beauty through art. Her art is also used as an instrument for change giving those a voice who, well, can only whisper.

Boy mourning the death of a friend, with painting honoring the fallen child.
A painting in the process, featuring Neymar Jr.

The Athlete Artist

It is intended to invoke within a deep feeling bent on change – whether it be changing oneself, changing the world, or helping people in general. It is art for the sake and betterment of HUMANITY. She plans to continue painting the change she wishes to see in the world.. a major part involving painting the narrative of athletes.

Carling Jackson standing between two paintings honoring Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant